Helle in Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

(Ἕλλη), a daughter of Athainas and Nephele, and sister of Phrixus. (Apollod. 1.9.1; Apollon. 1.927; Ov. Fast. iv. 909, Met. 11.195.) When Phrixus was to be sacrificed, Nephele rescued her two children, who rode away through the air upon the ram with the golden fleece, the gift of Hermes, but, between Sigeium and the Chersonesus, Helle fell into the sea, which was hence called the sea of Helle (Hellespont; Aeschyl. Pers. 70, 875). Her tomb was shown near Pactya, on the Hellespont. (Hdt. 7.57; comp. ATHAMAS and ALMOPS.) - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, William Smith, Ed.

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