The biblical city of Hazor was a site of Canaanite and Israelite settlement. Known as Tell el-Qedah in Arabic, Hazor is the largest biblical era site in Israel. The name "Hazor" may mean "enclosure" or "settlement" and was, therefore, not a unique place name in ancient Canaan. The most important settlement known as Hazor, however, was the fortified site in Naphtali (Joshua 19:36) identified with Tell el-Qedah, which is located about 10 miles north of the Sea of Galilee. The site consists of a mound, or tell, of about 30 acres, the area of the acropolis or compound of administrative palaces, and to the north the lower city measuring some 175 acres. Covering roughly 200 acres, Hazor is four times the size of Lachish, Israel's second largest site.

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