Greek Music and Lyrical Poetry

Music of Ancient Greeks - Early Epic and Lyrical Poetry. Audio, original Greek texts, and English translations. Anacreon: My lyre sings only songs of love; Simonides: Danae and Perseus; Alcman: Bucolic; Simonides: There is a saying about virtue; Tyrtaeus: Spartan march; Homer: Iliad-Sing oh goddess the perilous wrath of Achilles; Archilochos: Oh soul; Orphic hymn: In praise of Justice; Sappho: Ode to Aphrodite; Alcaeus: Winter; Mimnermos: Short-lived is treasured youth; Homer: Odyssey - Calypso and Ulysses; Hesiod: Rough is the road to happiness; Bacchylides: Great gifts, peace brings to mortals; Solon: Eunomia

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