Goat in Naves Topical Bible

-Designated as one of the ceremonially clean animals to be eaten De 14:4; with Le 11:1-8 -Used for food Ge 27:9; 1Sa 16:20 -For the paschal feast Ex 12:5; 2Ch 35:7 -As a sacrifice by Abraham Ge 15:9 -By Gideon Jud 6:19 -Manoah Jud 13:19 -Milk of, used for food Pr 27:27 -Hair of, used for clothing Nu 31:20 -Pillows 1Sa 19:13 -Curtains of the tabernacle Ex 26:7; 35:23; 36:14 -Used for tents See TABERNACLES -Regulations of Mosaic law required that a baby goat should not be killed for food before it was eight days old Le 22:27 -Nor seethed in its mother's milk Ex 23:19 -Numerous De 32:14; So 4:1; 6:5; 1Sa 25:2; 2Ch 17:11 -Wild, in Palestine 1Sa 24:2; Ps 104:18

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