Geta in Roman Biography

Ge'ta, (Septimus Antoninus,) Emperor of Rome, colleague and younger brother of Caracalla, and son of Septimus Severus, was born in Milan about 190 a.d. His disposition appears to have been as open and generous as that of his brother was treacherous and cruel. Caracalla, envious of the great popularity ot his brother, and also being determined to reign alone, made several attempts to assassinate him. He accomplished this in 212, by concealing some centurions in the apartments of Julia, the mother of the emperors. Geta was holding a conference with his mother when the assassins killed him and wounded her while she endeavoured to shield him. See Gibbon, " Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ;" Tillemont, " Histoire des Empereurs Romains;" Wm. Musgrave, "Geta Britannicus, avec des Notes par Isaac Casaubon, Janus Gruter et Claude Saumaise," London, 1716.

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