Gad in Naves Topical Bible

1. Jacob's seventh son Ge 30:11; 35:26; Ex 1:4 Children of Ge 46:16; Nu 26:15-18; 1Ch 5:11 Prophecy concerning Ge 49:19 -2. A tribe of Israel Blessed by Moses De 33:20 Enumeration of, at Sinai Nu 1:14,24,25 In the plains of Moab Nu 26:15-18 In the reign of Jotham 1Ch 5:11-17 Place of, in camp and march Nu 2:10,14,16 Wealth of, in cattle, and spoils Jos 22:8; Nu 32:1 Petition for their portion of land east of the Jordan River Nu 32:1-5; De 3:12,16,17; 29:8 Boundaries of territory Jos 13:24-28; 1Ch 5:11 Aid in the conquest of the region west of the Jordan River Nu 32:16-32; Jos 4:12,13; 22:1-8 Erect a monument to signify the unity of the tribes east of the Jordan River with the tribes west of the river Jos 22:10-14 Disaffected toward Saul as king, and joined the faction under David in the wilderness of Hebron 1Ch 12:8-15,37,38 Join the Reubenites in the war against the Hagarites 1Ch 5:10 Struck by the king of Syria 2Ki 10:32,33 Carried into captivity to Assyria 1Ch 5:26 Land of, occupied by the Ammonites, after the tribe is carried into captivity Jer 49:1 Reallotment of the territory to, by Ezekiel Eze 48:27,29 -3. A prophet to David 2Sa 24:11 Bids David leave Adullam 1Sa 22:5 Bears the divine message to David, offering choice between three evils, for his presumption in numbering Israel 2Sa 24:11-14; 1Ch 21:9-13 Bids David build an altar on the threshing floor of Ornan 2Sa 24:18,19; 1Ch 21:18,19 Assists David in arranging the temple service 2Ch 29:25 Writings of 1Ch 29:29

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