Fringes in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Tassels of twisted cords fastened to the four corners of the outer garment, worn by observant Jews as a reminder of covenant obligations (Numbers 15:38-39; Deuteronomy 22:12; compare Zechariah 8:23). The woman suffering from chronic hemorrhage touched the tassel of Jesus' cloak (Matthew 9:20, Luke 8:44). The English translations (with the exception of the NRSV) obscure this point by using different terms to translate the Greek kraspedon when it refers to Jesus' outer cloak (hem, KJV; fringe, NAS; edge; NIV, TEV; simply garment, RSV) and to the outer garment of the Pharisees (borders, KJV; tassels, NAS, NIV, TEV; fringe, RSV). Such translation contributes to a picture of a Jesus who was not really a Jew. Though Jesus observed the Old Testament requirement, He criticized those who wore excessively long tassels to call attention to their piety (Matthew 23:5).

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