Franciscan Archaeological Institute (Jordan)

The Franciscan Archaeological Institute in Jordan is an academic and research institution dedicated to archaeological exploration, preservation, and scholarship in the region. Founded and operated by the Custody of the Holy Land, a Franciscan religious order, this institute focuses on investigating archaeological sites of historical and religious significance within Jordan and the surrounding areas.

The institute engages in archaeological excavations, surveys, and research projects to uncover the rich history and cultural heritage of the Holy Land. It collaborates with local authorities, academic institutions, and international partners to conduct systematic studies and analyses of ancient sites, artifacts, and historical documents.

The Franciscan Archaeological Institute plays a vital role in understanding the historical context of the biblical narratives, early Christianity, and the interactions of various cultures in the region. Its efforts contribute to the broader field of archaeology and shed light on the dynamics of ancient societies and their connections.

By conducting scientific research and promoting the preservation of archaeological sites, the institute aims to provide valuable insights into the historical and religious heritage of Jordan and the broader Middle East. Through its work, the Franciscan Archaeological Institute contributes to a deeper understanding of the region's history and fosters cultural appreciation and scholarly engagement.

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