Eutropius in Roman Biography

Eu-tro'pl-us, [Fr. Eutrope, uh'tRop',] sometimes called Fla'vius Eutro'pius, a Latin historian of the fourth century. He-was secretary to the emperors Constantine and Julian, the latter of whom he attended in his expedition against the Parthians. He wrote an " Epitome of Roman History" (" Breviarium Rerum Romanorum") from the foundation of the city to the time of Valens, which has been popular for many centuries and extensively used as a school-book in modern times. The language is pure, and the style clear and simple. Little is known of the author's life. See Suidas, "Eutropius;" Gennadius, "De Viris illustribus ;' Moi.ler, " Disputatio de Eutropio," 1685.

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