Ethan in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. The Ezrahite, one of Mahol's (but Zerah's, of Judah, in 1 Chronicles 2:6 Darda; these Levites being associated with the house of Zerah of Judah by residence or citizenship, compare Judges 18:7; 1 Samuel 1:1) four sons, whose wisdom Solomon's surpassed (1 Kings 4:31); title of Psalm 89:2. (See DARDA.) 2. Son of Kishi or Kushaiah; head of the Merarite Levites in David's time; a "singer" (1 Chronicles 6:33-44); with Heman and Asaph, the heads of the other two Levite families, Ethan was to sound with cymbals (1 Chronicles 15:17; 1 Chronicles 15:19). The three names are given in 1 Chronicles 16:37-41; 1 Chronicles 25:6; 2 Chronicles 5:12, Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun. "Heman the Ezrahite" (i.e. of the house of Zerah) also appears in the title of Psalm 88, of which Psalm 89, is the complement. Thus it is probable that Jeduthun is another form of Ethan, and that "Ethan the Ezrahite" is the same as "Ethan the singer," though we can only guess as to why he is differently designated in different places. (See MAHOL.)

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