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e'-fa (`ephah, "darkness"; Gephar (Gen 25:4), Gaipha (Isa 60:6): The name of three persons in the Old Testament, both masculine and feminine (1) The son of Midian, descended from Abraham by his wife Keturah (Gen 25:4 = 1 Ch 1:33), mentioned again in Isa 60:6 as a transporter of gold and frankincense from Sheba, who shall thus bring enlargement to Judah and praise to Yahweh. According to Fried. Delitzsch, Schrader, and Hommel, `Ephah is an abbreviation of `Ayappa, the Kha-yappa Arabs of the time of Tiglath-pileser III and Sargon. See treatment of this view in Dillmann's Commentary on Gen (25:4). (2) A concubine of Caleb (1 Ch 2:46). (3) The son of Jahdai, a descendant of Judah (1 Ch 2:47).

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