En Gedi in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(fount of the kid), a town in the wilderness of Judah, Jos 15:62 on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Eze 47:10 Its original name was Hazezon-tamar, on account of the palm groves which surrounded it. 2Ch 20:2 Its site is about the middle of the western shore of the lake, at the fountain of Ain Jidy, from which the place gets its name. It was immediately after an assault upon the "Amorites that dwelt in Hazezon-tamar," that the five Mesopotamian kings were attacked by the rulers of the plain of Sodom. Ge 14:7 comp. 2Chr 20:2 Saul was told that David was in the "wilderness of Engedi;" and he took "three thousand men, and went to seek David and his men upon the rocks of the wild goats." 1Sa 24:1- 4 The vineyards of Engedi were celebrated by Solomon. So 1:14

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