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(Hebrew:אֱלְקָנָה) is a Hebrew name meaning "God has purchased". There are several persons in the Bible called Elkanah: Elkanah (husband of Hannah), father of Samuel. A Levite, ancestor of a certain Berechiah. (1 Chronicles 9: 16) A Levite, son of the rebellious Korah and brother of Abiasaph. (Exodus 6: 24) A Levite, descendant of Korah, who "came to David at Ziklag while he was still under restrictions because of Saul." (1 Chronicles chapter 12) A Levite, descendant from Korah through Abiasaph, mentioned as the great grandfather of the next. (1 Chronicles chapter 6) A Levite, mentioned as the great great great grandfather of Elkanah, Samuel's father. One of the gatekeepers of the Ark of the Covenant, when David transferred it to Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles chapter 15) An official in king Ahaz' court. (2 Chronicles chapter 28)

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