Elkanah in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(God-provided). 1. Son, or rather grandson, see 1Ch 6:22,23 ( 1Chr 6:7,8 ) of Korah, according to Ex 6:24 2. A descendant of the above in the line of Ahimoth, otherwise Mahath, (1Chr 6;26,35; Hebr 11:20 3. Another Kohathite Levite, father of Samuel the illustrious judge and prophet. 1Ch 6:27,34 (B.C. about 1190.) All that is known of him is contained in the above notices and in 1Sa 1:1,4,8,19,21,23 and 1Sam 2:11,20 4. A Levite. 1Ch 9:16 5. A Korhite who joined David while he was at Ziklag. 1Ch 12:6 (B.C. 1054.) 6. An officer in the household of Ahaz king of Judah, who was slain by Zichri the Ephraimite when Pekah invaded Judah. 2Ch 28:7 (B.C. 739.)

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