Elioenai in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(my eyes are toward the Lord). 1. Elsest son of Neariah, the son of Shemaiah. 1Ch 3:23,24 2. Head of a family of the Simeonites. 1Ch 4:36 (B.C. after 1451.) 3. Head of one of the families of the sons of Becher, the son of Benjamin. 1Ch 7:8 4. A Korhite Levite, and one of the doorkeepers of the "house of Jehovah." 1Ch 26:3 5. A priest in the days of Ezra, one of those who had married foreign wives. Ezr 10:22 (B.C. 446.) Possibly the same as 6. An Israelite of the sons of Zattu, who had also married a foreign wife. Ezr 10:27 (B.C. 458.)

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