Elihu in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("God is Jehovah".) 1. Son of Barachel ("God blesses"); the names indicating the piety of the family and their separation from idolatry) the Buzite (Buz being a region of Arabia Deserta, Jeremiah 25:23, called from Buz son of Nahor, Abraham's brother), of the kindred of Ram (probably Aram, nephew of Buz): Job 32:2. He is the main human solver of the problem of the book, which ultimately is resolved, by Jehovah's appearance, into a question of His absolute sovereignty that cannot err. Elihu's reasoning is not condemned, as is that of the three elder friends and previous speakers, for whom and not for Elihu Job is directed to sacrifice and intercede (See JOB). 2. Son of Tohu, ancestor of Samuel (1 Samuel 1:1); ELIEL in 1 Chronicles 6:34; ELIAB 1 Chronicles 6:27. 3. A captain of the thousands of Manasseh (1 Chronicles 12:20). Followed David to Ziklag after he left the Philistines before the battle of Gilboa, and aided him against the plundering Amalekites (1 Samuel 30:1; 1 Samuel 30:9-10; 1 Chronicles 12:20-21). 1 Chronicles 12:4. A Korhite Levite in David's time, door-keeper of the house of Jehovah, son of Shemaiah, of Obed-Edom's family (1 Chronicles 26:6-8), men of strength for service.

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