Eleazar in Naves Topical Bible

1. Son of Aaron Ex 6:23; 28:1 Married a daughter of Putiel, who bore him Phinehas Ex 6:25 After the death of Nadab and Abihu is made chief of the tribe of Levi Nu 3:32 Duties of Nu 4:16 Succeeds Aaron as high priest Nu 20:26,28; De 10:6 Assists Moses in the census Nu 26:63 With Joshua, divides Palestine Nu 34:17 Death and burial of Jos 24:33 Descendants of 1Ch 24:1-19 -2. An inhabitant of Kirjath-jearim who tended the ark of the covenant for a while 1Sa 7:1,2 -3. A Merarite Levite 1Ch 23:21,22; 24:28 -4. Son of Dodo, and one of David's distinguished heroes 2Sa 23:9,10,13; 1Ch 11:12 -5. Son of Phinehas Ezr 8:33; Ne 12:42 -6. A returned Israelitish exile Ezr 10:25

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