Egyptian Ships in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Ships in Art History: Egyptian Ships in Ancient Egypt and Egptian Art Hapshetsut's Expedition to Punt The record of ancient seafaring and trade as recorded in Egyptian art at Queen Hatshepsut's temple at Deir el-Bahri Circa 1480 BCE. Hatshepsut is well known for her ambitious building projects in Egypt particularly the erection of several Obelisks' at Karnack and her funerary Temple at Deir el-Bahri. In her time Hatshepsut was a model of feminine mystic, power and political acumen. Her accomplishments in ancient Egypt rank well when compared with , Queen Ferdinand of Spain, Queen Elizabeth 1 of England and Catherine the Great of Russia. After examining the contribution she made to the new Kingdom, historians generally agree this person was one of the greatest contributors to Egypt's ancient legacy in world history. Hatshepsut's character and personal history is another story, this page is dedicated to her expedition to Punt. This expedition is an indicator of her leadership and skill in motivating and governing the Egyptian society of her time to high achievement... The story of Hatshepsut's expedition to punt is recorded for posterity in the Egyptian art on the wall of her memorial temple.

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