Egyptian Sea Vessel Artifacts

Archaeology News "" Egyptian Sea Vessel Artifacts Discovered At Pharaonic Port of Mersa Gawasis Along Red Sea Coast. Discovery includes steering oars, other evidence of Egypt's sea-faring past. (Boston) -- When Kathryn Bard reached through the small hole that opened in a hillside along Egypt's Red Sea coast, her hand touched nearly 4,000 years of history. The opening that Bard, an associate professor of archaeology at Boston University, and her team's co-leader Rodolfo Fattovich, a professor of archaeology at Italy's University of Naples "L'Orientale," discovered was the entrance to a large, man-made cave. Two days later at a site about 30 meters beyond this cave, the team removed sand covering the entrance to a second cave, one that held the well-preserved cedar timbers of an ancient Egyptian sea-faring vessel.

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