Edom in Naves Topical Bible

(Signifies red) -1. A name of Esau, possibly on account of his being covered with red hair Ge 25:25,30; 36:1,8,19 -2. A name of the land occupied by the descendants of Esau It extended from the Elanitic Gulf to the Red Sea, and was also called IDUMEA Ge 32:3; 36:16,17,21; Jer 40:11 Noted for its wise men Ob 1:8 Sins of Ob 1:10-14 Prophecies concerning Jer 25:21-23; 27:1-11; Da 11:41 See EDOMITES FIGURATIVE of the foes of Zion Isa 63:1 Wilderness of 2Ki 3:8

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