Early Period Swords

Ancient swords can be date back to several millennium BC. However, the best know cultures to use swords as a close combat weapon were the Egyptian, Greek, Celtic and Roman The Egyptians did not use swords as their primary weapon. They preferred spears, axes and clubs. Most of the swords used in Egypt were long daggers or very short swords with the exception of the Khopesh or sickle sword. The Greeks employed the more famous Hoplite sword Designed for their heavily armed infantry. This leaf shaped two foot swords was mainly used as a backup weapon like the Egyptians. The Celts around 700-600 BC employed the same style swords as the Greeks but much longer and heavier. The most popular ancient sword is the Roman Gladius sword. It was standard issue for the Roman Legions for several centuries. This 24 inch double edged stabbing sword was a couple inches wide and had a grip with ridges to fit securely in the soldier's hand. It is during the Roman era we see swords and armor used to represent rank and royalty.

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