Drusus in Roman Biography

Drusus, (Claudius Nero,) a Roman general, born 38 B.C., was the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia, whose second husband was the emperor Augustus. He married Antonia, the daughter of Mark Antony. In the year 13 B.C. he commanded an army on the Rhine, and defeated several German tribes. Horace composed an admired ode in honour of this victory, (lib. iv. 4.) In the ensuing campaigns he extended his conquests as far as the Elbe, after which the senate gave him the surname Germanicus. He died at the age of thirty, leaving a fair reputation for talents and virtue. The emperor Tiberius was his brother. It is said that Augustus intended to give a portion of the empire to Drusus, who was born a few months after the marriage of the former with Livia.. Drusus left two sons, Germanicus, and Claudius who became emperor. See Dion Cassius, books xlviii. and liv. ; Tacitus, "Annals;" Ersch und Gruber, "Allgemeine Encyklopaedie."

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