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Domus Galilaeae or House of Galilee (Hebrew: בית הגליל‎), located on the peak of Mount of Beatitudes, above and north of Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, is a modern Christian meeting place, primarily used for Christian seminars and conventions. Run by the Neocatechumenal Way, Domus Galilaeae employs about 150 persons full time, including laborers, technicians, and volunteers. There are 37 Arab Christian workers, 32 Arab Muslims, 20 Druzes, 10 Maronites, and 21 Hebrew technicians. [1] It has a number of meeting rooms, prayer halls, gardens and a library. Its architectural design, its arts, and the spirit of the place makes it a unique site and a recommended stop for travelers in the area. History -- The building was constructed in a short period of time with the first stone being laid in January 1999 and the opening of the site taking place in 2000. It was inaugurated by the Pope John Paul II in his Millennium visit to the Holy Land. The library was constructed in 2005.

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