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Djet, also known as Wadj, Zet, and Uadji (in Greek possibly the pharaoh known as Uenephes), was the fourth Egyptian pharaoh of the first dynasty. Djet's Horus name means "Horus Cobra."[2] Legacy - Little is known about his reign, but he has become famous because of the survival, in well-preserved form, of one of his artistically refined tomb steles. It is carved in relief with Djet's Horus name, and shows that the distinct Egyptian style already had become fully developed at that time. His reign was listed in the lost or destroyed sections of the Palermo Stone. Djet's wife was his sister Merneith. There is a possibility that his wife was also lady called Ahaneith. Djet and Merneith's son was Den, and their grandson was Anedjib. - Wikipedia

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