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A Biblical name, Debir may refer to: The most inner and sacred part of Solomon's Temple, most commonly known as "Sanctum Sanctorum"; see Most Holy Place. A Canaanite king of Eglon, slain by Joshua. (Joshua chapter 10) Aided by miracles, Joshua's army routed the Canaanite military, forcing Debir and the other kings to seek refuge in a cave. There they were trapped until later executed. A royal Canaanite city, also known as Kiriath-Sepher and Kiriath-Sannah. (Joshua 15:15) It became a Levite city. (Joshua 21:9) Its location is unclear, but today it is commonly identified with Khirbet Rabud southwest of Hebron. A site mentioned to be in the low plain of Achor. (Joshua 15:7) Though its exact location is not known, the name may have survived in Thogheret ed-Debr, southwest of Jericho. A location in Gilead, at the border of the Tribe of Gad, commonly believed to be the same as Lo-Debar. (Joshua 13:26) Some identify the place with Umm ed-Dabar, 16 km (10 miles) south of Gennesareth Sea.

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