David's Tower Travel Information

If you would like to see some of the amazing historic remains on your trip to Israel, stop at David’s Tower. Despite its name, David’s Tower was not built by King David. It was actually built by Herod the Great on a Hasmonaean foundation in his attempts to secure Jerusalem’s northern wall, which was always considered the weakest in regard to defense. The three towers built were named after Herod the Great’s 3 favorite people-Miriam (his wife), Phasael (his brother) and Hippicus (his friend). Only the base of the tower of Phasael remains after all of this time, though the fortress was only destroyed in part because of its enormous size by the Romans during the first Jewish Revolt (66-70 AD). It also survived the Islamic, Crusader and Turkish periods up through WWI. Rich with history, it’s no wonder David’s Tower is such a popular stop on tours to the Holy Land. (America Israel Travel)

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