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David: (well-beloved), the son of Jesse. His life may be divided into three portions: 1. His youth before his introduction to the court of Saul; 2. His relations with Saul; 3. His reign. 1. The early life of David contains in many important respects the antecedents of his future career. It appears that David was the youngest son, probably the youngest child, of a family of ten, and was born in Bethlehem B.C. 1085. The first time that David appears in history at once admits us to the whole family circle. The annual sacrificial feast is being held when Samuel appears, sent by God to anoint one of Jesse's sons as they pass before him, 1Sa 16:6-10 Samuel sends for the youngest, David, who was "keeping the sheep," and anoints him. 1Sa 16:11-13 As David stood before Samuel we are enabled to fix his appearance at once in our minds. He was of short stature, with red or auburn hair, such as is not unfrequently seen in his countrymen of the East at the present day. In later life he wore a beard. His bright eyes are specially mentioned, 1Sa 16:12 and generally he was remarkable for the grace of his figure and countenance ("fair of eyes," "comely," "goodly,") 1Sa 16:12,18; 17:42 well made and of immense strength and agility.

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