David and Psalms

David the writer and collector of Psalms. David not only played on instruments, he also under all kinds of situations, penned beautiful Psalms that helped to make up the Hebrew hymn book, we call the Book of Psalms. He drew upon his boyhood experiences to write his immortal Shepherd Psalm (Psalm 23). He wrote of his experiences when he fled from the hand of King Saul and hid in a cave (Psalm 57). And he celebrated the deliverance which the LORD gave him over all his enemies by writing Psalm 18. When he repented of his great sin, he gave to the world his Penitential Psalm (Psalm 51). Thus in writing down under the Spirit's inspiration his personal experiences, men and women through the centuries have been spiritually blessed. But it must be remembered that these Psalms of David (and of other Hebrews) were originally songs of Israel. No doubt many of the Psalm not written by David were collected by him and inserted in the king's musical selection of poems for use in divine worship. [Manners And Customs of Bible Lands]

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