Dan in Naves Topical Bible

1. Fifth son of Jacob and Bilhah Ge 30:6; 35:25 Descendants of Ge 46:23; Nu 26:42,43 See TRIBE OF, below Blessed of Jacob Ge 49:16,17 -2. TRIBE OF Census of Nu 1:39; 26:42,43 Inheritance of, according to the allotment of Joshua Jos 19:40-47 Of Ezekiel Eze 48:1 Position of, in journey and camp, during the exodus Nu 2:25,31; 10:25 Blessed by Moses De 33:22 Fail to conquer the Amorites Jud 1:34,35 Conquests by Jos 19:47; Jud 18:27-29 Deborah rebukes, for their cowardice Jud 5:17 Idolatry of Jud 18 Commerce of Jud 5:17; Eze 27:19 See ISRAEL, TRIBES OF -3. A city of the tribe of Dan Also called LAISH, and LESHEM Ge 14:14; De 34:1; Jud 20:1; Jer 8:16 Captured by the people of Dan Jos 19:47 Idolatry established at Jud 18; 1Ki 12:28,29; Am 8:14 Capture by Ben-hadad

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