Crete in Smiths Bible Dictionary

the modern Candia. This large island, which closes int he Greek Archipelago on the south, extends through a distance of 140 miles between its extreme points. Though exceedingly bold and mountainous, this island has very fruitful valleys, and in early times it was celebrated for its hundred cities. It seems likely that a very early acquaintances existed between the Cretans and the Jews. Cretans, Ac 2:11 were among those who were at Jerusalem at the great Pentecost. In [Acts 27:7-12 we have an account of Paul's shipwreck near this island; and it is evident from Tit 1:5 that the apostle himself was here at no long interval of time before he wrote the letter. The Cretans were proverbial liars. Tit 1:12

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