Council for British Research in the Levant

The Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) is an esteemed academic organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating research in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region, collectively known as the Levant. Founded in 1984, CBRL serves as a vital link between British researchers, institutions, and the archaeological, historical, and cultural landscapes of the Levant.

CBRL's primary mission is to support and advance research in a wide range of fields, including archaeology, history, anthropology, geography, and other disciplines related to the Levant's rich heritage. The organization operates through two research centers: the British Institute in Amman for Archaeology and History in Jordan, and the British Institute in East Jerusalem for Archaeology, History, and Culture in Palestine. These centers provide researchers with essential resources, facilities, and networks to conduct their studies effectively.

Through collaborative projects, academic events, workshops, and conferences, CBRL fosters an environment where scholars from the UK and the Levant can engage in interdisciplinary research, share insights, and create lasting connections. The organization also facilitates partnerships with local researchers, institutions, and communities, ensuring that research contributes to local development and heritage preservation.

CBRL's efforts extend beyond academia, as it actively engages in public outreach and education to raise awareness about the Levant's historical and cultural significance. By organizing exhibitions, lectures, and public discussions, CBRL brings its research findings and expertise to wider audiences, promoting understanding and appreciation of the Levant's diverse past and present.

In summary, the Council for British Research in the Levant plays a pivotal role in facilitating research, fostering collaborations, and promoting understanding between the UK and the Levant. Through its commitment to scholarly excellence, cultural engagement, and community partnerships, CBRL contributes significantly to the preservation and exploration of the Levant's rich and multifaceted heritage.

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