Constans I in Roman Biography

Portugal to the United States. Died in Paris in 1846. Con'stana [Fr. Constant, k&N'st6.N'] I., (Fi.avius Julius,) the third son of the emperor Constantine the Great and Fausta, was born about 320 A.D. At the death of his father, in 337, he inherited the sovereignty of Italy, Africa, and Western Illyricum. His brother Constantine, having invaded his dominions, was defeated and killed in battle in 340, when the victor became master of the whole Western Empire. He was indolent, weak, and depraved. He favoured Athanasius, who had been proscribed by the Arians. Magnentius having revolted in Gaul, Constans fled towards Spain, but was overtaken near the Pyrenees, and killed, in 350 A.D. See Gibbon, "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire;" Le Beau, "Histoire du Bas- Empire."

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