Cleopatra VII: The End of Laxism. Ptomely XII Auletes died in 51 BC leaving the power in the hands of his two oldest children: Cleopatra VII (18 years old) and Ptolemy XIII (10 years old).Following the Egyptian tradition, Cleopatra got married with her own brother. At the age of 18, she became the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. A very heavy destiny for this young promising queen. Descendant of the Greek culture, she inherited the Greek knowledge brought by Alexander the Great and the Egyptian culture. She had knowledge in litterature, mathematics, astronomy, medecine,... She could even ride a horse. All that knowledge wouldn't have been useful if she wasn't talented for languages. She could speak easily with people from neightbouring countries without translators. She was also the first Ptolemy to speak the Egyptian language. All above these talents, she had a great sense of humour. The ideal woman, isn't she ?

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