Clay in Smiths Bible Dictionary

As the sediment of water remaining in pits or in streets, the word is used frequently in the Old Testament. Ps 18:42; Isa 57:20; Jer 38:6 and in the New Testament, Joh 9:6 a mixture of sand or dust with spittle. It is also found in the sense of potter's clay. Isa 41:25 The great seat of the pottery of the present day in Israel is Gaza, where are made the vessels in dark-blue clay so frequently met with. Another use of clay was for sealing. Job 38:14 Our Lord's tomb may have been thus sealed, Mt 27:66 as also the earthen vessel containing the evidences of Jeremiah's purchase. Jer 32:14 The seal used for public documents was rolled on the moist clay, and the tablet was then placed in the fire and baked.

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