Claudius Gothicus in Roman Biography

Claudius, (Marcus Aurklius,) surnamed Goth'icus, an emperor of Rome, was born in Illyricum in 214 a.d. After having a high command under Valerian, he was proclaimed emperor by the army at the death of Gallicnus, in 268. The senate confirmed this choice. The same year he defeated the rebel Aureolus in battle. In 269 he gained a decisive victory over the Goths or Scythians near Nissa, in Servia, and assumed the name of Gothicus. He died of an epidemic disease at Sirmium in 270, leaving a good reputation for virtue and talents. His brother, Quintilius, was proposed as his successor ; but the army preferred Aurelian. Seel'REBKU.ius Pollio, " Claudius." in the" Historia Augusta;" Tii.i.HMnNT, "'Histoire des Emjjereurs."

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