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ke'-sed, kes'-ed (kasdim; Chaszad): One of the sons of Nahor and Milcah (Gen 22:22); was probably the father of the Casdim. The early Babylonian form Kasdu appears in Assyrian as Kaldu or Kaldu. English Versions of the Bible follows the Assyrian and Greek style of writing the name and uses Chaldees or Chaldeans instead of Casdim. The Chaldeans dwelt in the lower valley of the Euphrates, at the head of the Persian Gulf. Abram came from Ur of the Chaldees (Gen 11:28,31; 15:7; Neh 9:7). In Job 1:17 the Casdim are described as invading the land of Uz, the eldest brother of Chesed (Gen 22:21,22). In the days of Nebuchadrezzar the Casdim overran Syria and Israel and carried the people of Judah in successive deportations into captivity (2 Ki 24:1 f,10 ff; 25:1 ff). In Dan 2:2,5 the Casdim are named with the magicians and astrologers as a learned class, skilled in interpretations. Casdim is sometimes used in Hebrew for the land of Chaldea (Ezek 23:15 f; 11:24). John Richard Sampey

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