Celsus in Roman Biography

Cel'sus, [Fr. Cklse, sels ; It. Celso, chel'so,] an Epicurean philosopher, who lived in the second century, in the reign of the Antonines, and was probably a Roman. He was a friend of Lucian. He is supposed to be the author of the attack on Christianity called " Ao;oc ufajOr/r" (a " True Discourse,") which was ably confuted by Qrigen, and which has not come down to us. Some have regretted that the early Christians in their zeal destroyed the work of Celsus, which might now be used to refute some arguments of infidels. He is said to have been the first pagan author that wrote against the Christian religion, and to have used the weapons of sophistry and irony with formidable power. See Origen, "Adversus Celsum ;" Neander, " Geschichte der Christliche Kirche."

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