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In Greek mythology, Celaeno (pronounced /sɨˈliːnoʊ/; sometimes Calaeno, Celeno or Kelaino from Κελαινώ, lit. 'the dark one') referred to several different beings. Celaeno or Celeno was a monster, a harpy whom Aeneas encountered at Strophades. She gave him prophecies of his coming journeys. She was one of three sisters, each of whom represented a different aspect of a great storm. Her name means "darkness" or "blackness". She was described as the lover of the west wind, Zephyrus, and with him bore the talking horses of Achilles, Balius and Xanthus. She was also sometimes known as Podarge ("fleet foot"). The harpy Celaeno also appears as a captive of a traveling witch's Midnight Carnival, in the Peter S. Beagle classic fantasy novel, The Last Unicorn. One of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, was also called Celaeno. She was married to Poseidon and with him mother of Lycus, Nycteus, Eurypylus, and possibly Triton. She was also said to be mother of Deucalion by Promethius. One of the Danaids, the daughters of Danaus. Her mother was Crino. She married Hyperbius, son of Aegyptus and Hephaestine.[1] Celaeno was an amazon. She was killed by Heracles whilst he was undertaking the ninth labour.[2] - Wikipedia

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