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kar'-mi (karmi, "fruitful," "noble"): (1) A son of Reuben who came to Egypt with Jacob (Gen 46:9; Ex 6:14; 1 Ch 5:3). Also the name of a family of which Carmi was the head (Nu 26:6). (2) A Judahite (1 Ch 2:7), son of Zabdi, according to Josh 7:1, and father of Achan, who is given the name of "Achar" in 1 Ch 2:7. This last form "Achar" is preferred to the usual "Achan" in order to bring out the play on the Hebrew word for "troubler." The Hebrew runs `akhar `okher yisra'el, "Achar, the troubler of Israel." As regards the phrase "the sons of Carmi" (1 Ch 2:7), Carmi is probably to be taken as the son of Zimri (= Zabdi, Josh 7:1). The Targum, however, has "Carmi who is Zimri." The Septuagint identifies Zimri and Zabdi. (3) In 1 Ch 4:1, Carmi, elsewhere called son of Zabdi or Zimri, is made son of Judah; but Wellhausen correctly changes "Carmi" to "Chelubai" (compare 1 Ch 2:9). Horace J. Wolf

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