Carmel in Naves Topical Bible

1. A fertile and picturesque mountain in Israel So 7:5; Isa 33:9; 35:2; Jer 46:18; 50:19; Am 1:2 Forests of 2Ki 19:23 Caves of Am 9:3; Mic 7:14 An idolatrous high place upon; Elijah builds an altar upon, and confounds the worshipers of Baal, putting to death four hundred and fifty of its prophets 1Ki 18:17-46 Elisha's abode in 2Ki 2:25; 4:25 -2. A city of Judah Jos 15:55 Saul erects a memorial at 1Sa 15:12 Nabal's possessions at 1Sa 25:2 King Uzziah, who delighted in agriculture, had vineyards at 2Ch 26:10

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