Candles in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Lamp more accurately represents the original than candle. Image of conscience, "the candle of the Lord, searching the inward man" (Proverbs 20:27). Of prosperity; the sinner's short candle soon goes out, the righteous shall shine as the sun forever (Job 21:17; Job 18:5; Proverbs 13:9; Matthew 13:43). Of believers' bright example leading others to spiritual light (Matthew 5:14). Of the gladdening influence of a ruler (2 Samuel 21:17). Of the all-seeing accuracy with which Jehovah will search out sinners, so that in no dark grainer can they escape punishment (Zephaniah 1:12; Amos 9:3). In beautiful contrast, as the woman in the parable "lit the candle, swept the house, and sought diligently until she found" the lost piece of silver, so God (Luke 15:8) searches out His elect so that not one is lost, and takes each out of the darkness of this world, and restores the divine image, with a view to their salvation.

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