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Callistratus may refer to: * Callistratus of Aphidnae, Athenian politician of the 4th century BC * Callistratus (grammarian), Alexandrian writer of the 2nd century BC * Callistratus (jurist), Roman legal writer active in the 3rd century AD * Callistratus (sophist), Greek writer of the 3rd or 4th century AD * Callistratus, an Athenian poet of the 6th century BC, only known as the author of a hymn in honor of Harmodius and Aristogeiton * Callistratus, the producer of Aristophanes' comedies Banqueters, Babylonians and Acharnians (and his collaborator in the production of Birds, Lysistrata, and Frogs) * Domitius Callistratus, a historian of perhaps the 1st century BC, author of local histories of Heraclea Pontica and Samothrace * Callistratus, a saint of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches who is said to have inspired forty-nine soldiers to Christian martyrdom in Carthage in the 4th century AD

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