Cain And Abel

The Bible mentions a lot between the time of Adam and the Flood. For example there was the first murder. Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters but there are only two mentioned because they are important to the history of redemption. Eve thought that her firstborn, Cain, was the one who would destroy Satan and deliver them from the curse of sin and death. But Cain jealously killed his brother Abel. Cain was upset at God because He would not accept his sacrifice (the best of his good works), though He accepted Abel`s blood offering (God`s prescribed way). Cain rose up and slew his brother. God punished him by driving him out of the midst of the people who served God. Then God gave Adam and Eve another son, Seth, who replaced Abel. The redeemer of the world would come from Seth`s family. But what about Cain`s family? The Bible reveals that Cain`s son, Lamech, inherited Cain`s evil ways (Gen 4:19- 24). Sin added unto sin and Lamech boasted that he didn`t need God`s protection because he had his sword. He rejected God`s holy standards for marriage and took many wives. He also killed a man for striking him showing his contempt for God and his disregard for human life. Evil spread very rapidly to all mankind through the ungodly line of Cain.

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