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be'-zer (betser; Bosor, "strong"): (1) A city of refuge, set apart by Moses for the Reubenites and located in the "plain country" (or table-land, Mishor) East of the Jordan, later assigned to this tribe by Joshua (Dt 4:43; Josh 20:8). The same city was assigned by lot as place of residence to the children of Merari of the Levite tribe (Josh 21:36; 1 Ch 6:63,78). Driver, HDB, suggests the identity of Bezer with Bozrah (Septuagint, Bosor) (Jer 48:24). Besheir has been suggested as the present site. According to the manuscript it was forti fied by Mesha. (2) A son of Zophah of the house of Asher (1 Ch 7:37).

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