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is the name of four different Biblical individuals: One of Asher's four sons, and father of Heber and Malchiel. (Gen. 46:17 , Num. 26:44-5 , I Chr. 7:30 ) A son of Ephraim (I Chr. 7:20-23 ), born after the killing of Ephraim's sons Ezer and Elead, and so called by his father "because it went badly with his house." A Benjamite, son of Elpaal. He and his brother Shema expelled the Gittites, and were patriarchs to the inhabitants of Ajalon. His sons were Michael, Ishpah and Joha. (I Chr. 8:13 ) A Levite, the son of Shimei. He was jointly patriarch of a clan with his brother Jeush. (I Chr. 23:10-11 )

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