Beersheba in Naves Topical Bible

1. The most southern city of Israel Jud 20:1 Named by Abraham, who lived there Ge 21:31-33; 22:19 The place where Isaac lived Ge 26:23 Jacob went out from, toward Haran Ge 28:10 Sacrifices offered at, by Jacob; when journeying to Egypt Ge 46:1 In the inheritance of Judah Jos 15:20,28; 2Sa 24:7 Afterward assigned to Simeon Jos 19:2,9; 1Ch 4:28 Two sons of Samuel were judges at 1Sa 8:2 Became a seat of idolatrous worship Am 5:5; 8:14 -2. The well of, belonged to Abraham and Isaac Ge 21:25,26 -3. Wilderness of, Hagar miraculously sees a well in Ge 21:14-19 An angel fed Elijah in 1Ki 19:5,7

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