Battle of Plataea and Mycale

In the spring of 479, the navy of 110 ships is at Egina. The Ionian Greeks are asking the Spartans and the navy to help them, but the Greeks are worried about sailing east of Delos, so they can't help the Ionian Greeks who have revolted. Next Mardonius consults the Greek oracles on his fortunes. Next he sends the Macedonian king Alexander to Athens to offer terms. From a military standpoint, they are quite fair, but the Athenians make it clear that they will never surrender to the Persians, which relieves the Spartan ambassadors. King Alexander leaves and the Spartans go home to begin to prepare for war. In Thessaly Mardonius isn't too impressed. He mobilizes and marches his army towards Athens. The Athenians evacuate, mostly to Salamis. The Persians enter a deserted Athens about July 5, 479. [Greek Wars and Military History]