Battle of Chaeronea

Philip II defeated the allied force of Thebes and Athens. Fought August B.C. 338 between the Macedonians under Philip, and the Athenians and Thebans under Chares and Theagenes respectively. Philip had 30,000 foot and 2,000 horse, the latter led by Alexander, then a lad of eighteen ; the allies were slightly fewer in number. Philip reinforced his right wing, which was opposed by the Athenians, and sent his heavy cavalry against the Thebans, on the allied right. Their charge brokethe Theban ranks, and they then attacked the Athenians in flank and rear. A hopeless rout ensued, the Theban " Sacred Band " dying where they stood. The Athenians lost 6,000 killed and 2,000 prisoners. The Thebans were almost annihilated.

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