Barnabas in Naves Topical Bible

Also called JOSES -A prophet Ac 13:1 -An apostle Ac 14:14 -A Levite who gave his possessions to be owned in common with other disciples Ac 4:36,37 -Brings him to the apostles Ac 9:25-27 -Accompanies Paul to Jerusalem Ac 11:30 -Returns with Paul to Antioch (of Syria) Ac 12:25 -Goes with Paul to Seleucia Ac 13 -Goes with Paul to Iconium Ac 14:1-7 -Called Jupiter (Zeus) Ac 14:12-18 -Goes to Derbe Ac 14:20 -Is sent as an emissary to Jerusalem Ac 15; Ga 2:1-9 -Disaffected toward Paul Ac 15:36-39 -Is reconciled to Paul 1Co 9:6 -Piety of Ac 11:24 -Devotion of, to Jesus Ac 15:26

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