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("whom Jehovah helps".) (See UZZIAH), like in sense to Eleazar = whom God (El) helps, and to LAZARUS. 1. 1 Chronicles 2:8. 2. Son of Ahimaaz (1 Chronicles 6:9), succeeded Zadok his grandfather in the high priesthood in Solomon's reign, Ahimaaz having died before Zadok (1 Chronicles 6:10, the "he" refers to the Azariah in 1 Chronicles 6:9). He officiated at the consecration of Solomon's temple, and was the first high priest that ministered in it. 3. Isaiah's contemporary, who with fourscore priests withstood so faithfully king Uzziah when burning in. tense (2 Chronicles 26:17-20). 4. Grandson of the Azariah 2, high priest under Abijah and Asa, as Amariah his son was in the days of Jehoshaphat son of Asa. 5. Azariah, son of Oded, also called simply Oded, a prophet along with Hanani; encouraged Asa in his religious reformation (2 Chronicles 15:1-8). 6. Chief priest of the house of Zadok, in Hezekiah's reign, who appointed chambers in the house of the Lord for storing the tithes and offerings, on which were dependent the attendance of the priests at the temple services (Nehemiah 10:35-39; Nehemiah 12:27-80; Nehemiah 12:44-47; 2 Chronicles 31:10-13). 7. 1 Chronicles 6:13; Ezra 7:1; 2 Kings 25:18. 8. Hebrew name of (See ABEDNEGO (Daniel 1:6-19; Daniel 1:3); of the seed royal of Judah; fulfilling the prophecy to Hezekiah (Isaiah 39:5-7); famed for beauty, wisdom, above all faithfulness unto death, and for his miraculous deliverance from the furnace. 9. 2 Chronicles 21:2. 10. Several others: 1 Chronicles 6:36 = Ezra, 1 Chronicles 9:11; Nehemiah 3:23-24; Nehemiah 8:7; 2 Chronicles 29:12; 2 Chronicles 28:12; compare Jeremiah 43:2; Nehemiah 12:32-33; 1 Chronicles 2:38-39; Azariah whose name proves that the genealogy in 1 Chronicles 2:36-41 was made in Hezekiah's reign, for Azariah (1 Chronicles 2:38) appears from 2 Chronicles 23:1; 2 Chronicles 24:1, to have been captain when Joash was seven years old, i.e. about one generation elder than Joash. After Azariah in that genealogy are six generations, ending with Elishama; and from Joash to Hezekiah also six; therefore Elishama was contemporary with Hezekiah. Zabad in 1 Chronicles 2:36-37 (compare 1 Chronicles 11:41) was contemporary of David. 11. Uzziah, meaning much the same, the might of Jehovah (2 Kings 14:21;)

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